3 Best Android TV Boxes That Work Great With Kodi

3 Best Android TV Boxes That Work Great With Kodi

3 Best Android TV Boxes That Work Great With Kodi

Conventional TV boxes are no longer good enough to help you access every kind of media. Ideally, you’d want to enjoy both online and offline media files. This is where an advanced software like Kodi comes in.

It is a media player created by XBMC Foundation that helps the end user with an interactive user interface. This means that you can easily stream media, games, audio, and other image formats.

To put it in a simpler way, Kodi is primarily an application that is widely used for streaming media. With Kodi, you also get a big library of add-ons to enhance your gaming experience as well.

As a software, Kodi can work with most of the hardware available in the market. One of the best ways to leverage all the benefits of this software is to buy a specific Kodi box.

It’s a simple device that will be sitting near your television while streaming almost everything on the screen. These Android TV boxes offer the best way to solve all your streaming problems at once. In the end, you get a much better customer experience that helps you enjoy your content.

There are a number of Kodi-based Android TV boxes available in the market today.  Decent technical specifications, powerful GPU, and other complementary features are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing an Android TV box. Let’s discuss three of the most popular products to help you figure out the best one.

SCS ETC Android 6.0 TV Box


  • With Android 6.0 and high-performance ARM Mali 400 GPU, there is no chance of any sort of lag
  • 4K Ultra HD display ensures that you don’t miss any details
  • Thousands of streaming apps to leverage the full capability of the box
  • Full support for XBMC/KODI
  • Very easy to set up with tons of apps available


  • Easy-to-use multi-function remote control
  • Can handle long, continuous usage for many hours
  • Extremely easy to set up with fast connectivity all around
  • Four USB ports to support every kind of external device
  • Can handle several Android apps without any lag
  • Good combination of competent hardware and functional software
  • The device is backlit so it can be used at night
  • Supports both USB and USB HDD


  • Location-based apps are difficult to run
  • As some Android apps don’t play nice with the controller, sometimes the interface gets complex and cluttered

Dansrue V88 2017 Android TV Box


  • Users can easily play media through local and online sources
  • Comes with Android 6.0 OS offering thousands of Android applications
  • Storage can be extended up to 32 GB which allows smooth running of apps
  • Really fast Wi-Fi signal
  • Supports 3D movie motivator air mouse and interactive games based on the human body movement
  • The user interface is smooth and easy to navigate
  • 4k 1080i/p resolution works really well with perfect rendering


  • An addictive and easy-to-use remote
  • The device offers a fair deal for the price
  • Lots of add-on features and comes fully loaded with apps
  • Quick and responsive controls
  • Rich and high-quality picture with minimal buffering time
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • A no-nonsense device that works as advertised
  • The device is fully loaded with all the features
  • All digital media – local or online – can be played without any problem


  • No 5G capability
  • The processor is fast but not express fast
  • With too many applications switched on, the device operates a little slow

Omikai R-TV BOX S10


  • It comes with a 3GB DDR4, a 64GB EMMC Flash, and a storage memory that could be expanded up to 128 GB through a micro SD Card
  • 4k HD is the highest quality that a device can achieve
  • Superb Bluetooth 4.0 that is faster than its predecessors
  • It is a small and portable device that weighs less than 230gms


  • The video playback is really good
  • The chosen chipset is fast
  • The overall hardware is solid
  • The gaming capabilities are also effective
  • All media formats – audio, video or images – are well supported
  • It boots fast every time you initiate the device
  • The compatibility with Kodi add-ons is superb


  • The high-end video codecs have certain unresolved issues
  • There are times when the high-quality hardware is let down by a sub-optimized firmware
  • The remote sensor does not work with a lesser range


These devices are built for the purpose of seamless screening of media. Each of these 3 Android boxes is enabled with relevant Kodi plugins to stream everything on the big screen.

Additionally, an Android TV box also highlights the capabilities of your conventional TV. This means each one of them can elevate your media viewing experience by a long shot.

If you’ve read so far, you could easily see the differences between the basic parameters of the 3 devices highlighted here. Since all of these devices have their own set of features and benefits, it’s difficult to see a lot of differences among them.

However, the key here is to pick the best device that is future proof and comes with the highest level of compatibility with other technologies. Keeping that in mind, there is no doubt that Dansrue V88 offers the best overall experience among these three. T

he size is compact and the box does not use too much space around the TV. The price is not very high and that’s why this TV box offers highest ROI. There is a feeling of satisfaction because you’re getting a good bang for the buck. Moreover, the video stream buffering time is really short.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to buy an Android TV box in the market today, you would not be disappointed by Dansrue V88. With all the features highlighted here, this is a rather easy recommendation to make.

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