Kodi TV Box Channels

Kodi TV Box Channels: A Complete Guide

Android TV boxes have been on a roll lately due to their numerous benefits paired with high convenience. Often your TV doesn’t play the shows that you want to watch because their respective channels don’t have access in your region.

Needless to say, it’s nothing short of frustrating to have a TV at home without having access to every channel that you want. But, TV boxes make your lives easier by allowing you to watch numerous Kodi TV box channels using the Kodi App.

Android TV boxes allow you to watch live TV and the choice of channels is literally unlimited. For getting access to the Kodi TV box channels, there are numerous add-ons on the application that you are required to download. Let’s dig a little deeper into it to find out all about the Kodi TV box channels and how you can enjoy them.

Does the Choice of TV Box Matter?

Yes, it does. You will find different types of devices that you can use for watching TV channels using the Kodi application, but not each of them is going to give you the experience that you want. First of all, you have to ensure that the operating system of the device you have picked is compatible with the version of the application you are planning to use.

Secondly, if your usage is high, you will require something that has enough capacity and memory to accommodate all the content you want to watch. Also, some boxes perform faster than the others, such as the Maxesla Max-C 4K. So, make sure to check that your box’s speed is also up to the mark.

Live Television on Kodi

Kodi gives its users a whole different TV watching experience that gets them hooked. There are numerous reasons people prefer using Kodi TV box over their traditional TV, the most prominent of which is the abundance of channels to pick from.

Another reason why people prefer this application is that it allows them to watch a wide range of sports channels to keep themselves updated on every recent happening.

Popular Add-Ons for Watching Kodi TV Box Channels and Live Television

As anyone can expect, the index of the top-rated add-ons is never-ending. But, here are a few of the greatest ones from different genres to help you get jumpstarted.

  • Bennu With an Egyptian based theme, it is one of the highly prominent add-ons on the application. It offers a high level of convenience and covers numerous channels from sports to live television from all over the globe.
  • Nemesis – Another prevalent option is Nemesis that offers a wide range of TV station streaming choices for its users. You can also enjoy live recordings from cameras from different parts of the world through it.
  • Bob Unleashed – This option also contains a huge and functional collection of various live television streams.
  • USTVNow Plus – This option lets you watch multiple cable channels in the USA, such as ABC, PBS and a lot more, seven of which are free while others require payment.
  • BBC iPlayer – This one lets you live-stream the content of the channel, but you require a British television license for it. Otherwise, you can stream it using VPN.
  • SportsDevil – This option will attract you if you are a sports junkie. You will find numerous sports channels here that you can live stream as per your will.
  • FilmOn Simple – This plugin specializes in streaming television options from Asia and Africa. It also includes an impressive number of European channels.

Legality Concerns that Need to be Kept in Mind

What can be better than being able to watch any program on any channel that you want? It’s pretty exciting and tempting, right? But, before you tune in to your favorite TV channels  through this application, you ought to be aware of all the legitimacy issues concerning its use.

Firstly, do keep in your mind that you might get access to every add-on you want, but not all of them are going to be legal. For instance, as we just mentioned above, if you don’t live in the UK, the use of BBC iPlayer add-on is not legal for you. In such cases, the stations usually enquire you about having a legal permit.

If you wish to proceed using such add-ons, we’d suggest you use a VPN for keeping your identity private. However, do keep an eye on the regulations and rules that keep on changing and limit your use of a certain add-on if you come to know that the network is planning to clamp down on the VPN use.

The best way to avoid this problem is to pay the subscription charges for the cable stations and become worry-free once and for all.

You see, the use of TV box with Kodi is not illegal, contrary to many people’s belief. It only becomes illegal when you try to reach those stations for free that call for subscription charges.

Functionality Problems that Can Occur with Live Television Add-Ons

There is also a possibility that you might incur some functionality problems with the TV add-ons. A big number of the streams inside an add-on simply do not work. If that happens, you should check how long it has been since the source database of the add-on got upgraded.

Every add-on works the same way by drawing streams from various web pages, which occasionally go down sometimes. This functionality issue happens, when the developer of the add-on fails to upgrade it on a frequent basis. The ones that are being constantly upgraded rarely face this problem.

If the add-ons are not upgraded in a long time, they can also draw dead links. However, that’s not the only possibility behind their death.

That could also happen when the broadcast owners make their content inaccessible to every third person. That’s more probable to happen with all the major stations. For that reason, it is better to download multiple add-ons instead of just one.


To wrap this up, we’d like to say that Kodi TV box is an amazing creation of technology that is here to stay. Unlike the conventional TV, you get to have unlimited choice of channels, programs, and movies to choose from. All you have to do is get the right add-on for that.

Although the majority of the add-ons give you free legal access, you have to pay for the subscription charges for your favorite channels—it is still worth it.