What Is an Android TV Box?

What Is an Android TV Box?

The Android TV box is quickly becoming the gadget of choice among lots of techy consumers because of the benefits it brings. What is an Android TV box though? The unit functions pretty much like a smartphone, except that it uses your TV screen.

What Is an Android TV Box?

If a television operates an Android OS or operating system, accessing programs, software, games and other media is made easier. It is offers more media and services through your TV.

The system offers consumers with a good selection of smart television solutions compared to what you can find on a regular TV.

The Android TV box accommodates flash and HD 1080p video playback as well as support for 500,000 Android applications and games. It also brings web browsing to your television. It often comes with a remote control for convenience and the variety of utilities that the system presents will make your TV much more versatile.

It also allows for a smoother viewing of 1080p video. You can also enjoy your games using this kind of system. This set top box unit comes with an infrared sensor bar which makes playing games on it more convenient.

The unit is a worthy investment for consumers who love relaxing in front of the television watching movies and TV series plus games they enjoy. The innovations that this kind of setup offers make watching different media more enjoyable.

Your favorite videos and films can be viewed straight from your collection or you can view them directly from online sources like YouTube.

With this kind of setup, you can also share your favorite sites and news with friends and family from your couch. The system provides all functions that an Android unit accomplishes but it is displayed on your TV set instead.

You can do more with an Android TV box. All it requires is a TV that is compatible with HDMI and an internet connection. Then everything the online world offers will be accessible with just a few presses on the remote.

With an Android TV box you can finally enjoy the huge choice of media the web offers on your home TV set. This could be movies, series from services like Netflix and even video games. This makes systems like cable television seem outdated.

Broadband connections will soon reign supreme and provide content from across the world. The Android TV box will supersede cable TV in the future.

Show how do you set it up? It only requires simple assembly. The unit needs to be plugged into a power resource and linked to a suitable television with an HDMI port so it is ready for use.

These units typically operate through the Android OS. One of the chief benefits of an Android TV is its versatility. Images, videos and other sorts of media can be moved simply from a desktop computer to the unit through the use of a USB or Bluetooth technology.

Even though the box doesn’t have as many features as a smartphone or tablet, the Android TV box has the ability to operate most applications available in the market.

You can even check your email using this device. This is convenient since the TV screen is bigger than the majority of desktop computer monitors, touchscreens and smartphones.

A simple television that is powered with Android capabilities will give users the advantage of watching 1080p videos and more. This extends the use of your Android TV to more than just regular viewing.

The Android OS comes free by means of 3rd-party developers. The setup is limitless when it comes to the functions it can perform.