What Is Kodi TV Box

What Is Kodi TV Box?

With such rapid technological changes and advancements, it’s definitely hard to keep up! But at the same time, life hasn’t yet become the best we’ve known it to be. Every day, there’s something or the other destined to make things easier, convenient and better for us. Android TV Boxes are now common and recent developments like Kodi TV box are making Android TV more convenient. So, what is Kodi TV Box?

What Is Kodi TV Box?

Kodi, aka XBMC, is a media playing application device that allows you to live stream, play videos, games, movies, music and view pictures and other content. It’s basically an open source application and can connect with the other devices for sharing and transferring your data.

In easy terms, it’s one of those plug and play devices and can be connected with the other media devices with the HDMI cable for ease of sharing the files. With the Kodi TV Box, you can enjoy the latest movies, your favorite seasons, or other live streaming sessions on your computer, tablet and even your cell phone.

How does it Work?

To understand how the Kodi TV functions, we’ll delve a little further into what is Kodi TV box.

You see, it initially started off as the XBMC or the Xbox Media Centre. Originally made by the Microsoft, it was meant to be used with the Xbox.

But as things progressed, the Kodi TV was refined and built to be more powerful and fast thanks to the 500 developers (approx) who worked day in and out to make it so. This resulted in its evolution, and today it has a broad scope and access to a far wider world of entertainment than it was originally intended.

You can now use the Kodi TV with a number of devices including your smartphones, PCs, and others. For more about how to make the best out of your Kodi TV box read on here.

Now that we’ve learned about what is Kodi TV box, a thought may linger the mind. Is it legal?

We know all forms of downloads and live streams do need some licensed software that makes the downloading and viewership legal. However, surprisingly that’s not the case with the Kodi TV, and that makes it a great choice for downloading and watching all you want—only talking about legal content that is.

Types of Kodi TV Boxes

Currently, you’ll find two types of Kodi TV boxes out in the markets. There are the fully-loaded and the basic boxes. Here is what makes the two different from one another:

Basic Kodi Boxes

If customization is more of your thing, what you need is the basic Kodi box. This one comes with the software and hardware you need to make it work, but it also lets you add whatever you need to it. That can be the add-ons, the updates, etc.

This way you also won’t have to deal with the unwanted add-ons or updates. True, it’s not entirely convenient with this one as you have to manually download the latest updates, etc., but again, there’s nothing like having a personalized Kodi TV box.

Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes

With the fully loaded Kodi boxes, life gets a whole lot easier; you don’t have to worry about updates and add-ons. The fully loaded box downloads all updates when connected to the internet from its online store, all by itself. The add-ons are already installed on the device, and you won’t be asked to maintain or look for these updates.

The Kodi TV will do it all on its own. Plus, there’s also customer support so if you ever find yourself in a tight spot with the box, just ping them up.

Advantages of the Kodi TV Box

It can easily connect to the TV, phone, laptop, and tablet, so you can watch it all on your choice of the screen.

  • Really easy to set up and get started with.
  • You get to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and listen to soothing music, just the way you like it.
  • Has internet connectivity and whether it’s the LAN or Wifi you can browse, play games or watch live streams on the TV.
  • You can connect it to the mouse or even a remote to make things a whole lot easier.

Compatible Devices

Kodi TV is compatible with about anything! Whether it’s Windows, Android, Linux or OS X, whatever system it is you use, you can connect the device to it. With apple, you may need your iPhone to be jailbroken before you can connect the two, but connectivity is not a problem with the Kodi TV.

Legality of Kodi TV

Perhaps what clearly sets the boundaries for the Kodi TV box is that it is legal. It works just as a media application and, on the initial purchase, it comes with nothing on the list. It is thereafter that you start downloading the content and media on it.

The add-ons and updates are totally legal and can be used anywhere around the world. So, everything about your purchase and the Kodi TV box itself, are legal in all respects. The problem comes with the content you download or view.

If the content you are streaming or viewing is not legal, like if there’s some pirated content you’ve downloaded, then that’s a problem. So, you see the device is just like all of the other media-playing gadgets. It’s how you use it that makes all the difference.


We hope this article was helpful in giving you a fine understanding of what is Kodi TV box its purpose and usage, and now you will be in a much better position to make the purchase.

The best part is that these boxes always come backed by good customer support, so if anything goes wrong you can always get it fixed.

The Kodi TV is fast, reliable, really easy to install and use and hence a great device to sit back, chill and spend a relaxing weekend with. With such fast streaming and downloading capabilities, it won’t be long before there’s a Kodi TV box in every household.