Where to Buy Android TV Boxes General Knowledge

Where to Buy Android TV Boxes: General Knowledge

The holidays are fast approaching, and you may be wondering where to buy Android TV boxes. If you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you could always catch the Boxing Day Sale. There is still some hope. If you are interested in buying an Android TV box, there are several places you can check online, and you can also get the TV box in the store.

Sometimes, buying the product online can be cheaper as the taxes you pay are considerably less. Other times, it is best to buy it in the store, so you can ask the salesperson any questions you may have.

Payment Options

Where to buy Android TV boxes, will in part be determined by the payment options you have. If you have a credit card or even a Visa debit card, then you will be able to make a purchase online. Some websites also accept Paypal and bank transfers as a payment option.

However, before buying anything online, you should check the webpage address in the search bar to see if the page is secure. You would know the webpage is secure if you notice a small lock on the left of the address bar.

If you do not have a credit card, you could always go to the store and purchase an item using cash. Another option you can consider is buying a gift card to allow you to shop online. Buying a gift card may put you at a disadvantage as you would have to pay taxes on the gift card. You should choose where to shop based on the payment options that are available to you.

Online and Offline Store Options


Amazon.com is a good marketplace where to buy Android TV boxes. That is because you do not necessarily have to be located in the US to purchase on their website. Also, one good thing about purchasing the box on Amazon is that if you select a TV box and scroll to the bottom of the webpage, you will find a table comparing the TV box you picked, with other TV boxes.

Amazon, also allows you to sort by price and product ratings. It is a good place to buy your TV box, especially if you have a credit card and are not based in the US. Also, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can get your TV box in as little as two days.

Nevertheless, even if you do not have Amazon Prime, your shipping may be free, and you would get the TV box in about five to 10 days. There is sometimes also an option that you could select to benefit from a free Amazon Prime trial.


eBay is very similar to Amazon.com but they have a lot of peer-to-peer transactions and shipping may not always be free. However, with eBay, just like Amazon, you can sort the products and read customer reviews before making a final decision.

eBay.com also allows you to have a watch list so you can track the price of the item. It is actually a cool feature. Unlike Amazon, they accept PayPal payments. This is good because you have a lot of payment options when you consider purchasing your Android TV box on eBay.


BestBuy has both a website and store. They have this advantage over Amazon and eBay. Going into BestBuy’s retail store to get your TV box is a good option. That is because their salespersons are very helpful and they often have deals. You also get to ask all your questions in person and get a live demo of how the Android TV box works.

If you choose to use their website, they offer payment plans and accept credit cards as well as PayPal. However, people from other countries have complained that BestBuy does not accept foreign credit cards.

If you go to the store, you get to shop with cash and personal checks. If you are not satisfied with your purchase on Bestbuy.com, you can return it at any BestBuy location! There is an advantage to buying their products online, sometimes the item may not be available in store, and you can also look at product reviews.


Walmart is another option for buying an Android TV box. They may not seem like an obvious choice, but they sell gadgets too. They have both an online store and a physical store, and like BestBuy.com, whatever you buy online can be returned in store. Whether you choose to buy online or in-store is up to you. In the store, you may see things that are not available online and may have more of a variety than in the store.

Also, you can read product descriptions and customer ratings online before making a decision. When you are in store, you basically just go with the recommendation of the salesperson who may or may not own the product they are recommending to you. You can order your Android TV box online and select the “pickup” in the “store option” as well.

Where to Buy Android TV Box: The Conclusion

You can basically buy an Android TV box anywhere. However, when deciding on where to buy Android TV boxes, you should consider warranty and after-sales support. You should also look for the best deals and compare prices. It is sometimes possible for one store to be selling the same TV box at a lower price.

If you live outside the US, shopping online may be the better option for you, but some websites do not accept international credit cards. In this instance, what you can do is sign up for a PayPal account, which makes purchasing online more comfortable and secure.

Apart from what is listed here, you should also check out other technology stores for an Android TV box. They may be cheaper on these sites compared to other places, but it is always a good idea to shop around and to buy products from the most reputable merchants. The merchants listed here are relatively safe.