How Does An Android TV Box Work

How Does An Android TV Box Work?

TV entertainment can only get better with the introduction of Android TV boxes. Watching television with limited numbered channels is almost a thing of the past. This is because the new age of TV boxes has taken the world by storm.

These boxes have features that allow the user a wide range of functions. They are able to surf the internet, stream popular video programs and more. All these while still being capable of showing the usual network and cable TV programs.

A primary requirement for a TV box is a television with ports that will allow for the box’s installation. These ports which permit the box to transform your television into a smart TV.

The greatest use of the TV box these days is streaming movies or TV programs. You can get these from streaming sites, most popular of which are Netflix and Hulu.

When is an Android box considered as a TV box? What features should it have to qualify as such? There is no clear definition on this question yet. The hardware inside could be anything android-compatible. Most products use relatively old dual-core processors. These were the best processors some years back.

A standard GPU accompanies the dual cores. This model is considerably old but still can efficiently handle 1080p videos. It can also decode a variety of video formats. Android TV boxes can have different memory capacities too. The amount of memory will determine how much you can store in it.

The hardware inside these TV boxes is not yet of a higher technology. But they are enough to make the Android OS function. Some advertise TV boxes as “Google TV” and “XBMC,” but these terms are often misleading.

Google TV is a smart TV platform that is distinct from Android. XBMC is nothing more than a vague “come on” the user can make the software work.

Android TV Box vs Android Mini-PC

Both Android TV boxes and mini-PC sticks which are smaller in size often use the same hardware.

Although it may sound confusing, there are differences between boxes and sticks. But advertisements for either product have led to more confusion. Some mini-PC sticks call themselves a Google TV box when they’re not exactly a box nor do they run Google TV.

For one, TV boxes cost a lot more than mini-PC sticks. They are also more powerful. While both these items utilize Cortex A9 cores, generally the TV boxes are dual-core. The sticks, on the other hand, are single-core.

On data storage capacities, TV boxes tend to have more ROM. This also includes additional video-out options. But, there are also dual-cored sticks and they can have as much storage.

More important than the TV box itself are the peripherals that go with it. When purchasing a TV box, it comes with additional AV cables and a remote. But the remote has a limited functionality. It doesn’t offer everything you need for total control of the box. To compensate for this, you can install a mouse and a keyboard to navigate the interface.

Functions of an Android TV box

Mostly all Android TV boxes have access to the same apps and functions. Aside from the apps, they can also function as a web browser and can run a variety of games. With such a box, you can run programs which are normally not allowed.

How you want to maximize the capabilities of the box depends on your drive for better entertainment. If you want to play games on the big screen, purchase a box that will allow you to do so. You can also find a great media player to install on the box.

Perhaps the most popular function is downloading streaming apps. These are normally available in the play store. With these apps, you can watch movies and live television right from your home. The functions of Android TV boxes provide convenience to a lot of people. That’s why they’re becoming more popular today.

So how does it work?

Setting up your TV Box isn’t that complicated. All you need is the box, a television set, and an internet connection. The connecting procedures are routine.

After you’ve made all the connections, check if everything is working. Then you can start downloading your apps. For example, you can download the YouTube app to stream YouTube videos.

Like Windows and iOS, Android is also an operating system, developed by Google. At first, the development of the operating system was mainly for mobile phones. Now we can see it everywhere.

The Android runs on ARM-based processors. The Android OS is open-source and free. So manufactured hardware based on the system is much cheaper.

As previously mentioned, the Android OS is primarily used for mobile phones. But you can also install it on small boxes that run the same hardware. These devices give better input and output options.

An Android TV box has the ability to output HDMI or component videos. In doing this, it can produce excellent high definition viewing. Android TV Box can also allow for remote control, keyboard and mouse input.

Manufacturers had developed the Android TV box as a device to interface with your TV set. Google originally made the Android TV and it is here where the Android interface with the TV started. Later on, other manufacturers followed by making Android-supported TV boxes.

The Android box works similarly to your smartphone. With it, you can surf the internet, play games, watch videos on YouTube or stream on Netflix and much more. Who could have imagined that such a small box so simple in concept can do so much? Setting up the Android TV box requires some procedures.

The thought of the box functioning after just connecting it to the TV and the internet is false. Follow the accompanying manual to perform these manual procedures. Do this before you can start enjoying the various functions of your box.

Your smartphone and the Android TV box perform almost the same functions. For this, you can even refer to your Android TV as a smart TV. The only difference is that you can only make calls on your smartphone. Other than this, almost all Android-based applications will work on your TV.

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  1. Our family loves Japanese TV dramas. We have spent lots of money subscribing to Roku channels like DramaFever, Viki, and others, and have seen all they have to offer.
    Question: How can we watch dramas from websites which offer no apps? is an example of this situation. Would an Android TV box box be the answer?

    1. Gonçalo Castilho

      Android boxes have web browsers so if the website your referring to streams its content on the website then you can use the android box’s browser to watch such content.


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