EMISH X800 Android TV Box 6.0 Review

EMISH X800 Android TV Box 6.0 Review

These past few years, communication and entertainment have rapidly evolved. This has resulted in changes on how these media are effectively brought to the viewing public.

Internet-driven TV boxes are now found almost in every modern home. They serve as the main access for entertainment and news conduits. With such a multi-function box, your family can enjoy watching a lot of different movies. You can also play games on a big screen or just simply listen to soothing music.

The EMISH X700 TV-BOX will open a whole new world for you. It will give you access to the internet and a wide range of entertainment choices. You can enjoy movies to popular TV shows, to online games. You can view all these shows in amazing high definition, either in 720p or 1080p format.

You manage all these features through the CPU and GPU housed inside the box. Users are now offered quality entertainment in big and clear screens. There are a variety of apps, games, movies, music and television shows available on the internet.

Just go online, choose an app, and download. It is that easy. Music choices are in multitude. Download your favorites, listen and relax with your special someone. And if your WIFI signal is strong, your enjoyment will be greater!


There must be a good reason why people choose the EMISH X800 TV Box to support their decision. People usually base this on what TV boxes have to offer and the EMISH does have a lot to offer. Take a look at these cool features:

  • Allows you to watch television as well as different media resources online.
  • Has a huge memory so you can download apps and browse through websites without slowing down.
  • Operates on the Andriod OS Lollipop that allows you to enjoy the latest updates. You can also access the apps, games, and tools in the Google Play store with it.
  • Supports HD resolutions so you can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.


  • Wireless networking is already built-in.
  • You can add different apps from the Google Play store.
  • Startup time is fairly fast.
  • Simple interface which is easy to navigate.


  • Bigger than other similar devices.
  • Doesn’t come with the batteries.


The casing box alone makes the EMISH X800 stand out as it’s designed for style and aesthetics. When it’s set on a shelf, it adds a touch of elegance, especially if joined with its audio-video components. On its front, you cannot see its LED lights to remote visibly. On its sides, there are holes for ventilation against warm air.

On its rear is the panel for all the interfaces. These include the power switch and two WiFi antennae.  The interfaces in the rear panel include a lot of ports for great connectivity. Finally, at the bottom are holes for warm air-outlets. Whatever the position of the box, the remote control will work without any problems.

Operating the Emish X800 takes the least effort. It only takes less than one minute to boot. Aside from the remote control, you can also use a standard keyboard and a mouse for control. You can run and play simple games on the EMISH 800X with no problems and in maximum resolution. You can also connect a game pad when needed.


U2C Android 6.0 Tv Box

For one reason or another, you may think that the  EMISH X800 TV Box isn’t the right one for your home. Don’t worry though, there are many other excellent products out there.

The U2C Android 6.0 TV Box is another best seller because of its powerful features. This can also run games, play the whole range of movies, television shows and music without it freezing or buffering. It has a huge space capacity.

This allows you to save apps and games without interrupting the running speed. It supports and plays any images or movies from a USB drive or an SD card. You can also connect a mouse and a keyboard through the USB ports.

It has a 4Kresolution and a decoding capability. These will display all your movies and games in high definition. The enhanced H265 can load pictures to the screen at half the time and effort. This makes it faster and more efficient for such function.

Moreover, the size U2C Android TV Box makes it convenient for travel. It can easily fit in a traveling bag. Hotels these days offer TVs with HD ports and Wi-Fi connections. Pack the U2C TV Box when you travel, connect it, and start your entertainment away from home.


Installed in the EMISH X800 TV Box is the full Android 5.1.1 OS. This gives the box ability to run any Android app on your television set. For stellar performance in high definition, the EMISH comes with a powerful Rockchip. It has an octa-core processor with a high-performance GPU.

The EMISH will run with 4K x 2K hardware decoding from local media. This means can keep on streaming and it will deliver high-quality resolutions. All these great features will produce top-performance imagery in high definition streaming. You can do this from the internet and local media. This makes for great viewing and enjoyment.

There are more great features of the EMISH X800 you can enjoy. It enables you to play almost all audio and video formats. The powerful Rockchip and octa-core CPU allow for excellent performance. GPU provides for stability and reliability.

It has Bluetooth connectivity and this allows pairing to most Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can pair the box with computers, mobile phones, keyboards and more. It has an HDMI 2.0 connector which this allows for TV connection. With this, you can set up your home cinema and play high definition movies and programs.

It has a huge memory which allows for more space for downloaded apps and caches. It has 2 USB ports to connect your keyboard and mouse if such is more convenient for the user. Finally, it has an infrared wireless remote control which makes life pleasantly easier. It’s definitely a great buy for the price.