Penton Amlogic S805 Quad Core Smart TV Box Review

Penton Amlogic S805 Quad Core Smart TV Box Review

Why would you need a Penton Amlogic S805 Quad Core Smart TV Box? Well, before the invention of Android TV boxes, we were satisfied with what the cable company provides.

In the first place, what do we use the TV for? Yep, one reason is for watching movies! But innovation will never be stopped or halted. Every single chance that stuff could be conveniently incorporated with other similar stuff, better things are invented!

If you will look way back into the past, gaming started with a simple gaming console that is played on TV. Can we stop technological advancement? If only you can play anywhere, it would be a great way to kill time, right? And that is precisely what is in the mind of innovators.

Consoles were miniaturized into handheld devices. From that view, everything is squeezed into smaller pieces of gadgetries that are easy to set up and has everything you need!

Now, the android box is a perfect example of technological fusion. Let us look at the interesting ways of how an Android box can keep you entertained.

The Android Box

With a stable and fast Internet connection, a simple plastic box can provide you tons of functions that were previously just a figment of the imagination. The Android box lets you convert your TV into something more.

  • Video Streaming

An excellent Internet connection and an Android box will let you stream HD or even UHD without a hiccup. Well, the box enables you to stream videos from the Internet. Your Internet speed will determine how much video quality you will get. But imagine, you used only to watch online videos on your computer. Now, you can watch it on your TV and share it with friends and family!

  • Play Store

Most Android TVs can now be linked to a controller device! You can download apps from the web and install it in your box. Now, you do not need to connect your computer to play your favorite Android game from the app store!

  • Surf The Net

Most Android TV boxes can be connected to a keyboard and a mouse. This makes it possible for you to surf the Internet and get updates on your TV.

You see, the value of the Android box is impressive. It converts your TV into something more. Instead of just watching regular TV programs on it, the Android box has expanded its use, and you can use it to stream, play, and surf the net on your TV, too!

Penton Amlogic S805 Quad Core Smart TV Box Review

An American company that is most notably known for their LED products that are popular among campers and off-roaders distributes this product. After their success in the off-road lighting industry, they are paving their way to digital interface creation. They offer more affordable versions of Android boxes that have high specs.


The Penton’s Android TV Box is equipped with 1 gigabyte of random access memory and 8 gigabytes of ROM that runs swiftly without hiccups. Penton also equipped this box with Amlogic S805 Quad Core Cortex-A5 CPU that has a clock speed of 1.5gHz. To provide you more entertainment, using your television, the manufacturer chose to include a Mali 450 GPU for your gaming needs.

This kit includes a power cable, remote, HDMI cable, and the box itself. With its capabilities, this product instantly converts your regular TV to a computer that enables you to stream, surf, and play some video games.


  • This product has a high clock speed enough to perform demanding tasks without any trouble.
  • It has a Mali 450 GPU that enables you to play games on your smart TV.
  • This package includes a remote control.
  • This box can play crisp UHD movies and clips.
  • This Android box is portable and can convert a regular TV to a smart TV.


  • The manufacturer of this product is new to its venture.
  • It doesn’t come with a controller.
  • You need to buy a separate keyboard for this device.


This Android TV box has relatively high specs for its price. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats for your entertainment pleasure. Google Play runs well on it, and you can easily download and install apps from the play store. This product can be updated regularly to enhance its performance and keep it up to date.

You can play decent games on it and surf the Internet without a problem. You can install apps from the Play Store and run it on your TV.


There are many Android TV boxes on the market that you can choose and delivered right to your doorstep. Kekilo has almost the same specs as Penton’s box. It can also play and process UHD videos without a problem. It also has a higher clock speed. However, it costs a third more than Penton’s model. The added speed is nice. However, it still won’t perform as good as desktops and laptops.


An Android Box is a great device that can convert your ordinary TV to a smart TV. If your TV is UHD-capable, Penton’s Android box can maximize your TV’s capabilities. You can surf, play, and watch high definition movies using an Android box.

Another good thing about an android box is that you can pack it up and bring it elsewhere and continue playing your games with it.

We, therefore, conclude that the capabilities of this Penton’s Android box is well rounded and can provide hours of entertainment for you, your friends, and the family.

The Future of TV

The Android TV box dramatically enhances the capabilities of television. It is like upgrading your TV and make it somewhat like a computer. Although it won’t have the full capabilities of a computer, it’s still powerful enough to keep you entertained with games and high definition movies.

In a few years or decades, the Penton Amlogic S805 Quad Core Smart TV Box might soon be integrated as a default feature of televisions! Who knows when!? But it sure is not far from grabs!