What Can I Watch on Android TV Boxes

 What Can I Watch on Android TV Boxes?

If you don’t own a TV box, you may be wondering “Why should I get a TV box?” or even asking yourself “What can I watch on Android TV boxes that make them so different from television?” Well, an Android TV box is special because you can watch basically anything. The box has a similar interface to a phone that uses the Android operating system, making it simple to use. All you need is an internet connection and a TV, and you have everything you need to operate your Android TV Box

An Overview

The Android box has been operating since about 2014, but it is now gaining popularity all over the world and not just in the US. If you do not own an Android TV box by now, you need to consider getting one. Several persons have multiple boxes in their homes, and the boxes have gone beyond the US continent as globalization has made information readily available for all. Then the reduction of trade barriers also plays a role in the popularity of the box.

By definition, an Android TV box is a box that allows you to connect your television to the internet. If you have a TV box, it is unnecessary to have a smart television. What makes the TV box cool is that you primarily incur a one-time payment fee and you get access to unlimited videos and media.

Getting unlimited access though will require you to have the right applications and add-ons installed. Once the add-ons are installed, your possibilities are endless, and you will never ask the question “What can I watch on Android TV boxes?” again.

What You Can Watch on Android TV Boxes


If you do not own a smart TV, you may have never imagined that you could watch YouTube on your television without connecting your laptop to it. With the TV box, you can install the YouTube application from the Google Play store and watch music videos on your television set. Some TV boxes come with YouTube already installed so you will only have to focus on entering your login credentials and then you are all set.


If you ever heard your parents or grandparents mention a movie that you were always curious about, but could never get it on DVD or VCR, you definitely will get it in the TV box. The TV box shows you a lot of movies, and some are dated even long before. You can search for the film by title or even by the actors. Apart from old movies, you can also watch movies that have recently been released or that are still being shown in the cinema.

Before you stream the movies, you should make sure that you are not watching a “cam” video but one that is either HD, SD or has the resolution listed on the side of it. With “cam-quality” videos, you usually see people walking across the screen. If a recent movie is only available in such quality, you should probably wait a few days for a better-quality video to be released.

Television Shows

So, you actively follow a series and missed a few live episodes, no problem. With the Android TV box, you can catch up on your favorite TV shows or even binge-watch several episodes at a time. The episodes can be searched for by entering the name into the search field. You can even go through the broadcasting network’s listing. If your cable is down, you can also stream your television show live because the Android TV box supports on-the-air programming.

With an Android TV box, you do not necessarily need to keep your subscription with Netflix or Hulu, unless of course, you want to stream television shows and movies on your portable device. However, some of the applications found on your Android TV box can be installed on your Android device, and you could enjoy the same benefits you get from your TV box.

Sporting Programs

With your Android box, you can watch sports games. You can view highlights from games that were already played, interviews, match predictions and even the game when it happens live. You are also able to choose what language you want to hear the game’s commentary.

Even if you missed the game, you can always go back and watch the game because it will be available. There is no need to record a game you’re going to miss like how you would on cable because a stream will always be available. Basically, all sports are covered as well as major sporting events.


If you like to keep abreast of what is happening in the world, then a TV box is something you need to invest in. You get news channels from all over the world and in different languages too. Imagine being able to listen to unbiased news that comes directly from the Middle East or China?

It may or may not be a good thing because you get to hear different views and you may be confused. However, you get the advantage of having both sides of the coin so you can draw your own conclusions. Apart from international news, you can also use the TV box to watch local news.

What Can I Watch on Android TV Boxes: The Conclusion

The possibilities of what you can watch on an Android TV box are limitless. You can watch programming in your native language and even in other languages. There is a settings feature on the box that allows you to change your language. Whilst you can watch anything, piracy may be considered an issue and certain features may be blocked. If you apply some skills, you may unblock any locked features and your family will be in for a treat.

Instead of asking “What can I watch on Android TV Boxes?” you should consider “How much will I save if I used an Android TV box?” For one, you save on your monthly cable bill and on premium channels. You also save on having to purchase a smart television immediately. It is an ideal solution and results in savings.